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Is Camping a Legitimate Stratagy

Weather you run and gun or camp just about everyone has an opinion about camping. Now we aren’t talking about spawn-killers. I think everyone agrees that is not good for a game. Weather we like it or not camping is here to stay so its time to give it another[…]

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TSO Community

We have tried to provide a comfortable place for gamers to hang out and to play games.  We enjoy sharing information we have seen or read about and discuss everything tech. Join us as we build a community and shift away from the old  clan days. Our goal is the[…]

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H1Z1 Split

The Split H1Z1 makers Daybreak Games has announced they will be splitting H1Z1 into two separate games. Anyone who repurchased the game before Febuary 13th 2016 will recieve a duplicate key that will bind with the new game called King Of The Hill. Anyone after this date will have to[…]