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Hearthstone is a collectable card game that you gain cards in various way to build decks.  You start with starter decks . You gain cards for your deck as you play. It has several modes of play including tournament.


  1. I like the new site, very crisp looking and good format for gamers to share information and tips. A little proof reading and it will be as close to perfect as possible.

  2. Hey all! I used to be in =TSO= many moons ago when we all played Call of Duty 2, Day of Defeat and Stronghold Crusader, my alias was =TSO=Knighty! I’m hugely surprised and impressed to see the community is still going and a huge hats off to Blasty! I haven’t spoke to you in many years my old friend, I hope all is well. I may even try and pop on teamspeak sometime soon and have a good ole’ catch up!

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