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TSO IP Changes

Recent updates to our service provider has ment making changes to our IP. You may still log into our teamspeak using our domain. ts.tsocommunity.net or ts.tsocommunity.com

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Teamspeak at Teamspeak SERVER LIST ————————————————————————- ARK Evolved:ARK ARK Scorched Earth:ARK Scorched Earth BlackWake BlackWake CSS:CSS (BOTS) CSGO: CSGO Arms Race(BOTS) Dino D-Day: Dino D-Day (BOTS) Insurgency Co-OP: INS CO-OP (BOTS) 7 Days To Die 7 DaysToDie RO2: RO2 Rising Storm (BOTS) Rust: Rust Server Minecraft (Infinity Evolved) *NEW* ————————————————————————- PLAYING FORGECRAFT MOD 1)[…]


Personal Hydrogen Reactor

Ever wish you had your own reactor to power your gadgets. Well now you can with the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor. Its a portable charger that will charge your devices  combining hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity on the go. it comes with 2 HYDROGEN CORES equal to 30+ AA batteries . Its[…]

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5G test begin

After Verizon has announced they were beginning 5G field test in 2016 it seems that AT&T is now joining the race. Friday they announced that they will begin to test the 5G market in open field but don’t expect this anytime soon, 2020 looks like a reasonable date.

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Our New Look

Thanks to the efforts of Blasty and Itchy Our website has a new look. We look forward to sharing our stories and thoughts with you in the coming days. Awesome work guys!!

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Recently our website was compromised (hacked). As a result all passwords and personal information has been stolen. We are working with local state and federal authorities to resolve this issue but are asking everyone to watch their information carefully and report to us anything that you may have lost so[…]

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Hearthstone is a collectable card game that you gain cards in various way to build decks.  You start with starter decks . You gain cards for your deck as you play. It has several modes of play including tournament.