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Teamspeak IP

Our new IP is or ts.tsocommunity.com

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TSO IP Changes

Recent updates to our service provider has ment making changes to our IP. You may still log into our teamspeak using our domain. ts.tsocommunity.net or ts.tsocommunity.com

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DOOM Doom is one of the greatest games to ever come out of the shooter genre. Its ability to draw you into its story with sound and light is still used by many game makers today. This coming May we will be able to battle the forces of hell and[…]

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Hearthstone is a collectable card game that you gain cards in various way to build decks.  You start with starter decks . You gain cards for your deck as you play. It has several modes of play including tournament.

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Is Camping a Legitimate Stratagy

Weather you run and gun or camp just about everyone has an opinion about camping. Now we aren’t talking about spawn-killers. I think everyone agrees that is not good for a game. Weather we like it or not camping is here to stay so its time to give it another[…]

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TSO Community

We have tried to provide a comfortable place for gamers to hang out and to play games.  We enjoy sharing information we have seen or read about and discuss everything tech. Join us as we build a community and shift away from the old  clan days. Our goal is the[…]