Tools & Toys

Internet Tools & Toys The internet is full of tools and toys some helpful while others are just plain ridiculous. Here are a few that we have found . Place them in whichever category you see fit. For conversions my choice is http://www.metric-conversions.org/ One stop for all your conversion needs.[…]

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Giveaway Information

This week we are giving away a copy of Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition for Steam. To be eligible for this giveaway you must be registered here and on Team speak. You must also be a regular to participate. The exact time of Sundays giveaway will be given on teamspeak. See[…]


TSO Tags

As some people may have noticed recently We have requested our members remove their tags in Teamspeak. The Tag that is =TSO= will remain our gaming tag and we will use it for that purpose. Our tag is no longer required to be a member of our group. We have[…]

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This Weeks Giveaway

The winning answer to this weeks question was 38. Congrats to Anaphylactic (Death) this weeks winner. He goes home with a copy of Ark Survival Evolved. Thank you also to everyone who participated in our games. TSO Staff  


Personal Hydrogen Reactor

Ever wish you had your own reactor to power your gadgets. Well now you can with the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor. Its a portable charger that will charge your devices  combining hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity on the go. it comes with 2 HYDROGEN CORES equal to 30+ AA batteries . Its[…]

TSO Community News

The days of running a clan have gone here at TSO. We have chosen to become a community for several reasons. First and foremost we think it will make a more even and more fair community setting . Visitors should not have to share space and feel second rate. We are[…]

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Meetings will take place when needed or requested. Giveaways take place when ten or more members are here at meeting time or if they are announced in advance. Meeting time is Sundays at 8pm est The rules for giveaways can be found in the teamspeak on the description page of the Giveaway[…]

The 5G race

AT&T announced on Friday that is set to conduct 5G field trials by the end of the year 5G shorthand for 5th generation of wireless and it translates to lightning fast speeds 10 to 100 times faster than the 4G lte. This is an answer to September’s announcement by Verizon that[…]

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5G test begin

After Verizon has announced they were beginning 5G field test in 2016 it seems that AT&T is now joining the race. Friday they announced that they will begin to test the 5G market in open field but don’t expect this anytime soon, 2020 looks like a reasonable date.