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Internet Tools & Toys The internet is full of tools and toys some helpful while others are just plain ridiculous. Here are a few that we have found . Place them in whichever category you see fit. For conversions my choice is http://www.metric-conversions.org/ One stop for all your conversion needs.[…]


TSO Tags

As some people may have noticed recently We have requested our members remove their tags in Teamspeak. The Tag that is =TSO= will remain our gaming tag and we will use it for that purpose. Our tag is no longer required to be a member of our group. We have[…]


Personal Hydrogen Reactor

Ever wish you had your own reactor to power your gadgets. Well now you can with the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor. Its a portable charger that will charge your devices  combining hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity on the go. it comes with 2 HYDROGEN CORES equal to 30+ AA batteries . Its[…]

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Is Camping a Legitimate Stratagy

Weather you run and gun or camp just about everyone has an opinion about camping. Now we aren’t talking about spawn-killers. I think everyone agrees that is not good for a game. Weather we like it or not camping is here to stay so its time to give it another[…]